Monday, May 18, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Overholt

The small province of Overholt is tucked into the central west part of Unkerlant, and despite its somewhat pleasant countryside, it’s not a pleasant place to live. Overholt has spent several generations war with itself, but is currently at an unsteady peace. For reasons no one can seem to remember, some say a tragic romance or stolen cow, or both, the towns of Kessel and Schoppendorf have been fighting. The countryside was laid waste, and the peasants starved. Finally, King Karl Franz III ordered feud over and destroyed the road connecting the two warring factions. Also as part of the truce, Graf Johann Von Schoppendorf, the current leader of Overholt, married Maria Teresa of Klessen. It is, as you might expect, an unhappy marriage, but it has produced several heirs and maintained the peace. Most of the scars on the countryside have healed, but Overholt still remains bitterly divided. If Overholt troops ever have to take the field in battle, their commander will probably spend more time keeping his own troops from killing each other, than on killing the enemy.

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