Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Unkerlant Travel Log: Reichwald

Deep in the woods of the east lies Reichwald. Though one of Unkerlannt’s largest provinces geographically, it has one of the smallest populations, mostly trappers and huntsman. Reichwald is a dark, forbidding place, where an unwary outsiders can easily be lost to its vastness. The hearty people who make it their home are very protective of both their land and their ways. Reichwalders make excellent light troops, guides and scouts, masters of ambushes and traps.
Two tiny villages make up the only places of mention in Reichwald, Zhufbar and Pfugzig. The names may seem strange, but Reichwalders speak an odd dialect of of Unkerlanter, mostly foreign outside the province. Zhufbar is a merely a crossroads on the way between Middelhiem and Franistover. Furs and lumber are its main attraction along with a briny liquor supposedly made from pine needles and sap.
Pfugzig is really just a coaching station but claims to be the original capital of Unkar’s kingdom. Scholars find this highly unlikely, but locals still cling to the tradition and stage elaborate festivals around their mythical founding.
Huntsman General, Voltan Grenzhoffer holds sway over this forested land. He is a loud, boisterous man, always ready for a good brawl.

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