Friday, December 12, 2008

Campaign for the Kingdom Finale

Banners blowing in the wind, forces assembled for what would be the final battle in the Campaign for the Kingdom. There were nobles and their household troops, pikemen from across the sea and from the northern marches, marshmen from the west, and longbowmen from the shires and villages. And, it what would seem an act of desperation for the rebel forces, trolls and ogres from the Blackfangs took the field under the Marshal's banner.
From the start, the deck seemed stacked against King Rutiger (literally). He and and his commanders, Sir Maurice and Sir Archibald, were weary from the constant campaigning and not up to their usual command abilities. Across the field, Duke Sancho and his allies Sir Roderick and the Marshal, seemed eager for a fight. On their right wing, Sir Roderick had the only mounted knights on the field, and the trolls and ogres held the left.

The rebel Sancho moved first. His battles moved in perfect formation forward. King Rutiger's orders became confused and his men charged forth, while the flanks held in place. The king was dangerously exposed.
A flight of arrows from the rebels sent two of the king's archer units from the field. And on the rebel right, it looked as if Roderick might outflank Archibald. It was not looking well.

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