Monday, January 4, 2021



Like most people, 2020 didn't exactly turn out the way we planned. All of our travel plans to cons were cancelled. Weekly gaming became remote gaming.
Despite a lot of setbacks, we managed to get most of our projects done. New titles went out. But that was 2020.
We've got quite an ambitious 2021 lined up. Our Fantasy titles have been steadily moving along. We hope to have all three titles and two different card decks for them out first quarter of the year. Why the delay? Well, we wanted the best product we could produce.

After that,we've got all sorts of ideas.
Victorian SciFi supplement for Core and Bigger Battles
Pulp Age Superheroes
Giant Mech battles as a supplement for Bigger Battles
And surprises along the way: Scenarios, Campaigns, upgrades...
I hope you're as excited as we are. We hope to see you in person this year.
And play Wiley Games. Your miniatures will thank you.

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