Friday, June 22, 2018

Galactic Heroes: World War II?

Yes, but with a little Weird War 2 in it....
I wanted to see how ell GH could stretch into other genres, and I've always like WW2 on a small scale skirmish. Enter some of my Golden Age heroes and a few borrowed German miniatures.

"Recently, rare photos have been obtained from the secretive Section 13 of the DoD through the Freedom of Information Act. They show accounts of a raid on a top secret German facility by few members of the now famous Liberty Legion."

 "Major Victory, in a rare pose with some G.I.s."
 The Sentinel of Liberty.
 A sleepy village hides a dark experiment.
 The guards are alerted to the US forces. One goes down wounded.
 Major Victory prepares to take to the skies.
 The price of victory. The Yanks are caught in the open trying to reach their late dropped explosives.
 Kreighunde bursts from a nearby house and attacks the Major! A brawl between titans!
 Sgt. Stone, the human rock, opens up on group of German defenders.
 Professor Klumpf is found, but not before his vile experiments are unleashed.
 The village is slowly cleared.
The Sentinel leads the way.
Totenkopf is cornered!
It turned out to be great game. There were 8! players. It was a dawn attack. The Germans were only allowed one squad to stand guard, the rest were barracked inside. The Allies were able to "Creep" and were undetected until they got within 12" of a guard, An overanxious private fired early at a guard and started the fight. 

The Allies had three objectives: blow up the radio tower, capture Von Klumpf and take out the General. Before they could blow the tower, they had to grab their explosives from a parachute drop. The drop happened when an Allied player played a Joker. Then I made them stand at the other end of the table and toss a wad of cotton where they wanted it. It of course went off course.
It landed in an open field covered by German soldiers in the nearby windows.

The Germans had to finish the Experiment using a Joker, which didn't happen, until the game was nearly over, radio out the secret transmission and get the General off the table.

Both sides had "super powered" leaders. For instance, Major Victory had "Leader" for free, "Flier", "Veteran" and "Energy Beams" (his Star Spangled Vision).

They weren't overly powerful. Krieghunde pummeled Major Victory into the dirt and charged forward to stomp a terrified GI. The frightened private popped off a shot and brought the mighty war dog down.

Uberman sat out most of the game for some reason. When he finally emerged, he racked up  a massive body count of 7 defending the radio tower. The Allies finally blew it, a lone GI sacrificing himself. 

The game ended with the General dispatched, the tower blown, but the deadly "Iron Soldiers" loosed upon the world. It was a lot of fun if I do say so myself.


Fitz-Badger said...

Great pics! Very atmospheric. Sounds/looks like a fun game.

Unknown said...

That is soooo cool! I will see you at Recruits sir and get at least one game in!