Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lion Rampant: The Wolves Return...

... or, with all 3 of our group's Scott's showing up for last night's game, "the Scottening!".
The Vikings were back. Mostly because I haven't painted any other Dark Age troops, also just because I love these miniatures.

We played a variant of the "Tax Collector" scenario in the Lion Rampant book. We had one of the objectives in the Bailey. WE had 6 players controlling 12-15 points of troops.
The Vikings had a hard time getting started despite the house rule of always getting Move at least one unit. It didn't help one of our side didn't know you rolled 2d6 instead of 1. How did he think he'd get those Bidowers shooting on a 7+?
The Norman heavies crashed across the stream and bashed into a couple of unprepared Viking units.

They didn't last long. The first two Norman units to be destroyed (along with their leaders) were said heavies. On the other side, the Berserkers had a poor showing.
The Normans were able to secure some tax tokens, but the Vikings surged forward finally and moved forward looting and burning.
It was a rough day for Leaders. Snake eyes were rolled 3 times for Lucky hits. All in all a great game. Still my favorite rules for the period. Now I just need to paint some Scots, Welsh, Saxons....


Phil said...

Great looking minis!

Fitz-Badger said...

All the miniatures and terrain look great! The rules are pretty simple and work quite well for a fun game. I also like Dragon Rampant, the fantasy version. And I'm looking forward to trying some of the other rule sets by Daniel Mersey in the series.

Jaye Wiley said...

The Men Who Would be Kings is fun. I personally like it better than Sword and the Flame. I'm looking forward to Pikeman's Lament. It will finally get me back on track to finish my Polish Hussars.

Foss1066 said...

Fun times, nice hill fort! I gotta make it back out for a game night or two this summer.

Jim Jackaman said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Jaye Wiley said...

Thomas: ...or two.
All: I've enjoyed the games a lot. My dream would be to have an army for each faction for the period, Irish, Welsh, Scots, etc. And Mr. Mersey has been very generous with his ti,e when I have correspondence with him.

Herr Zinnling said...

Great miniatures and wonderful terrain!
Cheers, Karl