Friday, December 2, 2016

Down but not out

Too many relatives, too small a space= a sick Baron.
I've been out of it since last weekend, but was able to get a few thins done.
Here's some picks from a lovely ACW Black Powder game hosted by Jon. You can read the full AAR over at his blog. It was close, but my Boys in Gray just couldn't hold the line.

Also had time to paint some Federales for all my Mexican Revolution scenario playtests.

I chose to portray them in a hodge-podge of khaki and summer dress. Most period photos show a mix of uniforms spanning a decade of fighting.
Waiting in the wings are Federal Cavalry, artillery, mounted and dismounted Villistas, and a film crew to document Pancho.


Scooby Drew said...

Very nice. What ruleset do you use for Mexican Revolution?

commissarmoody said...

And who makes the Federales?

BaronVonJ said...

Andrew: My rules of course: Fistful of Lead (see the sign behind the minis?).
Here's some links:

Commisar: These guys are Brigade. The rest will be mostly Old Glory. Not out of choice. They're the only manufacturer that O know of who makes mounted and artillery for both sides in any quantity. I got a few from Pulp Figures, like the film crew, for flavor.