Friday, December 4, 2015

Revenge of Boot Hill: A Fistful of Lead AAR

Last night I wanted to try out some revised rules for introducing the Undead to Fistful of Lead for a special scenario available with the FfoL:Reloaded Kickstarter.
Sometimes, those men sent to Boot Hill do not rest peacefully. Sometimes, they come back, looking for revenge.
It might be that the old cemetery is actually sitting on top of an older Indian burial ground. Or, those men are just too plain honery to stay dead.
Either way, it’ll be a rough night in Lesterville...
Marshal Bill and his men have the unenviable job of protecting the citizenry from the undead hordes, or “Deaders” as they call them.
Four players took the role of the Marshal, his men, and the deputized citizens.
I took the role of the Deaders.
The Marshal has to destroy the 5 spawn points around the edge of town before being overwhelmed by hordes. This part proved the end of several deputies.

The town of Lesterville
Trooper Jones mixes it up with some Deaders
A few Deaders go down under a hail of gunfire. But not out.

The Dixon Gang fight on, even though they're outta bullets
It doesn't look good for the Marshal
He survives the first encounter only be killed in the next.
It came down to Trooper John facing down 10 newly spawned Deaders. He took 5 before being overwhelmed. Slick Dixon, that lowly lout, was the only survivor. He lit outta town, leaving Lesterville to the dead.
I took some notes, but overall it proved pretty balanced.


Jim Jackaman said...


That would make a great game for a club night.


Essjam said...

We must have been a nervous lot last night. I have never seen so many Out of Ammo rolls. Great game!

Mallius Vane said...

Great stuff!

Jon F said...

Zombies always spice up a game.

Simon Quinton said...