Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Rebasening

It happens far too often. A great rebasing of a huge amount of minis. This time due to ruleset I really like, Lion Rampant.
My Dark Age minis have sat too long, gathering dust on their multi figure bases in my insane hope I would use them that way. Now, I have an upcoming game deadline to get me motivated. I spent the last week of evenings carefully prying them from their bases and remounting on washers, gooping them with my secret goop and now flocking.
Birthday cigars at the ready and leftover summer beers at hand, I step outside on a lovely fall day to flock 300+ Vikings and Normans.


myincubliss said...

What a pain, but how good it will feel when it's done (although the beers and cigars might help on that front!)

JPChapleau said...

Good reason to do it!

Cluck Amok said...

Yeah. . . I've been flat-coating 54mm minis before it gets too cold here in Minnesota. I've bought up the entire local supply of the Tamiya brand of flat-coat spray and now waiting for my on-line order to arrive with hope that it will still be warm enough to use it when it finally gets here because I can't use it indoors as the smell is horrific. . . Then I'll spend the winter texturing and finishing 300-plus bases, too. I think I'm insane. Or maybe just huffed too much Tamiya : )