Saturday, July 11, 2015


It won't stop raining here in the Midwest. To alleviate the gloom, I need something steamy and clanky.
Each player got two infantry units and one contraption. Each side had one village, but needed the other village.

This would prove to be an oddball game. The Jaguar, a German velocipede is usually the first unit to draw blood, and being unarmored, the first to die. This game, he took three turns to get started, despite a high START roll. Then, once engaged did little damage.

Weird thing number two. Most of the time units break apart somewhat quickly because of failed morale rolls. This time, it seemed like every unit stuck around to the bitter end.
Third, the Rokkittruppen, as regular readers will know are a tough unit to use. They move quickly, but because of the "fire OR move" basis of the rules means if used wrong, they usually charge to their deaths. This time, they moved into a defensive position and unleashed Hell with their spring work submachine guns.

And the unicycle Uhlans...Poor Uhlans. They held postion the entire game, waiting for thr right moment to charge. They took a calculated risk and moved last in the turn, hoping the following turn the Germans would go first.
They didn't. The Home Guard cut them to pieces.
With both sides beaten and bloody, we called it soon after the Killenkanner toasted an entire unit of French soldiers hold up in a house.


Ogilvie VC said...

Bravo Sir,
Your Steam punk bat reps are a joy to look at. Nice to see you lads enjoy a bevvie with your games, they kind of go together I think. Those Eureka Prussian rocket troops are high on my wish list.

BaronVonJ said...

THe Brits need some aerial troops too.

Captain Darling said...

I'm late commenting on this post but your VSF figures and vehicles look excellent and this AAR shows them off to the fullest...

Champion effort!