Friday, May 29, 2015

To the Strongest: Roman Revenge

Morgah-Khan and his Orcish horde emerged through the strange mist into an even stranger world. It was too bright and too hot. But the land was ripe for pillage. For 2 weeks they lay waste to the land, until on the 15th day, they came upon another human army. It seemed much like the first they had crushed, so Morgah-Khan had no cares.
This was an 8 person rematch of last week's mauling of the Romans. The Romans got 2 more units of Legionairie, but they didn't need it.
It was an interesting game. Each general seemed so concentrated on his command they didn't notice the battle around them. I for one looked at a one point to realize I was about to be flanked. And when the last victory medals were handed over by the Orcs, four of our commanders said " It's over?"
Everyone seems to be getting the use of their troops. I think some of the Orc cav might get upgraded to Medium, but other than that, I tight game.


BigRedBat said...

Roman revenge- was there something dodgy in the garum? ;-)

8 players, you are really going for it! I'm glad it is going well. Best, Simon

BaronVonJ said...

Don't have a choice. I have 6-8 players every Thursday.