Monday, April 14, 2014

ACW Thursday: Fire & Frustration

Fellow Basement General John has a glorious collection of 28mm American Civil War miniatures. We don't get to use them often enough so it was time for a game of Fire & Fury.
The game started with the Rebs already deployed, waiting for the larger Yankee forces to come get them. The Union had some troops on the field and the rest arriving randomly from across a large stream.
Rather than wait, the Confederates attacked. The Union were caught off guard and spent some time standing around (we rolled really low and wouldn't move). But, finally the yanks put it in gear and deployed along a a rail fence. It would prove to make for lousy cover.
As the battle raged, the flanks at first were stagnated. While in the center, the Yanks gave up their fence and charged. They swept most pf the troops in front of they away.
But then, things got hot on the flanks. Tired of standing around getting shelled, one brigade of Rebs gave a desperate Rebel yell and plunged into the fight. By all that is holy by the statistical gods, they should have been stomped. But they weren't. They smashed a much larger unit, then broke through to the next, then the next turn taking out a battery of guns. That's Fire & Fury for you.
Don't get me wrong. For ACW it has no match in my opinion. Most ACW battles seesawed back and forth, with crazy swings sometimes by smaller, desperate units. F&F does that. Some heretics, I know, have starting using 2d6 instead of a d10 to make more a Bell curve of the rolls. Just not for me.
In the end, we stopped due to the late hour. We had units from both sides deep behind enemy lines, ready to wheel and cause some damage. It would have been fun to see what happened next.


Jon F said...

Nice write up and thanks for the compliments on the minis. We need to do one of these on a Saturday or when we have more time to see if those blue bellies would have caught some reb units in between "the horns of the bull."

AdamC1776 said...

You might want to try Longstreet there is a free version available here