Monday, September 16, 2013


I was only able to attend half a day of the weekend long local Convention RECRUITs. RECRUITS bills itself as a convention to bring in new gamers to the fold. It does a great job. Both my games had old timers and youngsters alike and at the low-low price of $5 for the whole weekend!
I only had a chance to take pics of my games. Watch the RECRUITS website as I'm sure they'll have tons of pics up in the next couple of days.
Saturday morning I ran the Great Race, a VSF look at the overland race. The Great Powers had their finest technology on display. The game was full of heroic twists and turns along with dastardly deeds.
Each vehicle had a Perk, giving it an advantage in some area, while their Flaw gave them a disadvantage. For example, the Turks had great visibility with their raised driving compartment. This let them avoid collisions easily, but also made them top heavy and greatly hindered their turning.
Germany took an early lead but taking the lead usually makes you a target. All sorts of trickery and shooting brought him to a halt. He was quickly passed by the Dutch who remained in the lead for most of the game, thanks to the propwash caused by their wind turbine engine.Any vehicle ending its turn too close to the back of the Dutchman, quickly was pushed back by the wind.
Italy became the spoiler when it looked like he had no chance of winning. His Kamikaze frontal assault on the pack did little, however, to change the outcome.
In the final turn it looked like the Dutch had it. They had one point of armor remaining and had just squeaked past a mine field when the Turk came barreling in and intensionally hit the mines. Collateral damage took out the Dutch and opened the way for a Turkish victory. Although Germany claims he had a chance when time ran out.
My next game, was a FIW affair using using my Horse and Musket version of Fistful of Lead, and using the beautiful minis and terrain of CluckAmok.
The French and Indians had to burn the settlements and drive out the settlers, while the British had to get the packhorses full of supplies off the table. The mechanics are easy to pick up, and real fun comes with the narrative that unfolds organically.
The Indians came on full assault. First blood went to the British as farmer's wife Molly MacGregor dropped an Indian crossing the stream. She laid down a hail of fire from the loop hole in her farmhouse until the Indians set it on fire. She then tried to get one of horses out whole the rest of the Virginia Militia was slowly dying. The French shot at her horse causing it to spook and trample her. Despite this, she got up, calmSadly, she would die the following year giving birth to her 12th child. Tough ass broads like are why the French lost my friends.
We also had a Virginia Militiaman who earned the nickname "Whack-a-Mole" because every time he stuck his head over the wall, he got pinned again. Up, down, up down. Just like the kid's game.
When time ran out, the Brits had saved 3 horses of supplies, while the French had both settlements burning. A tie really, but the French and Indians had killed more British, and thus a small victory.
Tons of other great game going on around me that I wish I could have played, but had a soccer game to attend, and wife to thank for letting me go on our 18th anniversary.


Itinerant said...

I would like to make this con sometime - I'm in St. Louis and the cost is so minimal.

18th anniversary? Wow. You owe her big time!

Thanks for the pics.

Sean said...

Great looking games, and happy anniversary.

PatG said...

Great Games!