Thursday, March 24, 2011

RECRUITS! this weekend

Any wargamer who's even remotely close to the greater KC area should head on over to RECRUITS this weekend. Can't say enough good things about this con. Very kid friendly, dirt cheap and full of great vendors and games. I'll miss a lot of it, and won't be able to put on a game this round, but there's always Spring!


Ironworker said...

I wanting to go but I'm just that broke at the moment and I'm suppose to run a game at my house Saturday. I'm still considering heading up for part of the day on Saturday or Sunday though. I've been to a couple and enjoyed them both.

BaronVonJ said...

Hope to see ya there.

James Brewerton said...

little far for me :), shame because it looks like a cracking con.
Have a good time
Peace James