Monday, February 14, 2011

Merry (Late) Christmas to me

My lovely wife surprised me this Christmas by buying all 4 Dystopian Wars Fleets from Spartan Games. She purchased it Dec. 18th. I got it Saturday. Almost two months. The very apologetic guy from Spartan said it had something to do with customs.
One thing I noticed on the boxes. The front only shows the sea fleets, which is odd, since the box actually contains some airplanes and bombers. I also thought from the website, that the fleets contained the carriers, too. Not so. I'll be buying them at payday, probably from TheWarStore to avoid the customs issue.
The miniatures are mostly resin, and well cast, with lead weaponry. I'll post pics when I get a chance.
It also came with a deck of cards for the game and the rules.
Thanks again, my Love. And Happy Valentine's Day.

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Warren said...


I see you have Dystopina Wars, have you started painting yet?

Check my blog out, I have painted my Prussins, ships only but no pics.

But I have started on my mates Blazing Sun fleet and they are shown.

Love the miniatures