Monday, January 10, 2011

Late xmas present from LUDstuff

I walked in last week and found some lovely presents sitting on my desk at work. Santa, I mean Warren of LUDstuff fame, made me some hex terrain to fit with all the Commands and Colors games we've been playing. If you follow the link to his site, you can see how he made it. I'll be taking the hills to my local Home Despot to match the paint, and then making a new terrain hex map to match (which I'll make a "How To" post about). You can kind of see my hex maker template in the background, above.
The rivers are especially nice. I can use them for more temperate climbs, too.
Warren's next project is a mammoth cave project. Can you say "Hollow Earth campaign"? How 'bout, "Dragon's den"?
Thanks again Mr. Lud....


Warren Ludwig said...

Thanks for the nice post, Sir Baron! It's interesting to see the pieces all together, since I was still painting the river when you got the finished dunes.

I made a trip to the hardware store over the weekend to gather supplies for the caves...also found a great book on caves at the half-priced book store. Last night I re-watched the "making of" DVD segments on the miniatures from Peter Jackson's "Fellowship of the Ring" and "King Kong"...all the "mountain making" bits. It'll take a while to build all the pieces I have in mind, but I'm psyched about the project!!

Fitz-Badger said...

I enjoyed following "Lud's" progress on how he built those. Excellent presents!

Lead Addict said...

Best thing I have ever seen for caves is take think pink foam(or layers), get a hot air gun( the kind you use for stripping paint or securing monokoat film to RC planes) and then melt your way through the foam. Do it outside. It will create hella fumes, but unbelievable looking caves and caverns.

Ramon Olivera said...

As always, well done, Warren!