Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bringing Unkerlant into the 20th century

As the readers of this blog know, Unkerlant is an angry little Imag-Nation somewhere close to Central Europe, but not quite on any maps. So far, it has only existed as an early 18th century kingdom, wracked by civil wars and its own rampant xenophobia. A few in the Imagi-Nation community have started expanding this idea into other realms. So, what would Unkerlant look like during the Interwar period (1920s and 30s)? 
In its first foray into the wider world, did it get entangled by foreign treaties and forced into the Great War? Was it bankrupted by its losses in both men and money? Did old regional rivalries rear their ugly heads?
Below is an artist's rendering of a member of the Volborgian Freistaat Provincial Militia.

His uniform is similar in both cut and design to late war German soldiers. Only the color and shoulder patch identify him as a member of this elite paramilitary organization.


A J said...

A neat illustration and an interesting concept. I've idly speculated on my own imaginations' future more than once, although I doubt I'll do much to expand the ideas. The inter-war period does have scope for all those funky tank and armored car designs, which is always tempting.

BaronVonJ said...

Love those funky tanks. Might be a reason to dig out my Crimson Skies planes, too. Love all the "Very British Civil War" stuff coming out. It'll fit right into a certain angry little country.

Eli Arndt said...

I think seeing Unkerlant in the 20th century will be cool. You have developed so much of its history that it should almost write itself.

The main reason I got into the whole Interbellum thing was because I love all those funky tanks that never got to see real war.

Also there is something to be said for having fun with the politics and narratives of your own little nations instead of refighting the wars of actual history.

An interesting development on Interbellum has been the appearance of non-european imagi-nations. There are a couple South American and I believe one ficticious island nation being developed.


abdul666 said...

Intringuing and promising development.

Speaking of funky tanks, the GW Leman Russ Vanquisher looks really much like the 'advanced B1bis'(actually built just after WW2, hence the designation 'ARL 44'): in the "Grant -> Sherman" transition fashion, the main gun was raised to the turret, the secondary one replacing it in the hull. Of course, both in 'The Real Wold™' and in the Unkerlant avatar of the multiverse, the beast is horrendeously expensive...