Monday, August 25, 2008

A Close Escape, cont'd

During this time, Nightshade’s Masked Minions advanced to the village. The Germans ahd found Sir Archibald
and got the location of the tablet from him (not the real location, he wouldn’t give up the secret to some
flying Hun!). Nightshade’s minions caught up with Sir Archibald bought lost half their number to French gunfire.
Most were quickly repaired by Nightshade and sent back into battle.
Meanwhile, the British and Russians steadily advanced. The British reached the village and scuffled with the remaining
minions. The French joined the fray, and only a few brave Brits escaped with the true location of the tablet.In the fight,
Sir Archibald was wounded and captured by the French.
The surviving British officer would have to pass through the Russians to get to the building the tablet
was hidden in. The Turtle (a British steam tankette) blew the Russian flame carrier up with one shot.
In the end, the Brits escaped with the tablet, the Germans were slaughtered, and the rest had to leave empty handed.

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